Terms and conditions

General Policies

  • Your reservation is confirmed and paid in full at the time of purchase.
  • Cancellation does not apply due to weather conditions.
  • We have flexibility to change dates and times depending on the activity to be carried out.
  • For modifications and cancellations, a written request is required via email.
  • Any unused reserved service will be taken as a non-refundable NO SHOW, by booking our activities online through PayPal services you accept this condition, leaving without effect any possible charge against return on your purchase.
  • All cancellations must be made 72 hours before the activity due to operation and preparation costs.
  • Cancellations made before 72 hours before the activity will not be penalized.
  • Cancellations within the time limit are not refundable, except for medical emergency conditions verified by an official opinion.
  • If the cancellation is made the same day of the activity, it will be penalized with 100%.

Transport service

  • A written request is required via email for us to help arrange this service according to the tour booked.
  • May have an extra cost on your booking according to location in some tours.
  • We do pick up in hotels near La Fortuna area for all the volcano tours.
  • The limits of the central area of La Fortuna are: from the central park to the North to Hotel Eco Arenal, from the central park to the East to Hotel Jardines Arenal, from the central park to the South to Hotel Las Orquideas in the Jauri area, from the central park to the West to Zeta Trece town from Hotel La Pradera to Catarata Eco Lodge.
  • Transportation with pick up outside the areas mentioned in the previous item have an additional cost per person.
  • The additional fee for transportation will be announced with your reservation by email and is paid at the start of the activity the same day upon arrival.
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